Giving Tuesday: Celebrating Our Youngest Donor

In the spirit of Giving Tuesday, we’re celebrating our very youngest donor, Kiana Fisher.  For her 6th birthday, Kiana raised money for Ballet BC as a gift to us!  Kiana’s family embraces the power of philanthropy as a way to give back – not just on Giving Tuesday, but as a way of life.

Definition of philanthropy: “Giving time, talent or treasure for the common good.”

In order to fund the innovative performances and programs of Ballet BC, we fundraise all year long through our Annual Fundraising Campaign. This year, we hope to raise $500,000.  Kiana’s donation was a huge help to our efforts.  She came to our studios to present us with her birthday present!

Kiana and her mother, Daniela, both budding ballerinas, agreed to share with us their love of dance and views on the importance of donating to support the arts. Here is their interview:

Thank you so much for encouraging Kiana to raise money for Ballet BC! What gave you the idea to do this?

Daniela (Kiana’s mom): Every year for our kids’ birthdays, we pick a charity together that has some kind of meaning to us.  Kiana and I LOVE to dance.  Supporting your company, brought us joy and appreciation for your hard working team: dancers, choreographers, set designers, etc., and mainly the art of dance itself.

It seems like you place a very high importance in philanthropy.  Why do you think that it (philanthropy) is so important?

D: We are a very spiritual family.  We believe that the more we give out, the more the universe returns back to us.   We have been blessed with a healthy, happy life, and we feel very grateful. Giving to others brings even more love and fulfillment to our hearts.  It just feels right and we feel it is very important that our children learn this from a very young age!

Tell us about your experience with dance and how is has affected your life and the life of your daughter Kiana:

D: I started ballet when I was 9 years old in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  This was the first time when my mom was able to afford to pay for dance for my sister and me.  My mom got divorced from my Dad when I was 1 year old.  She raised us on her own, and worked very hard in three different jobs so that we could have everything we needed.  I have so much respect, love and am so grateful for my dear mom.  She used sit in our living room and watch me dance every weekend for hours. It’s something I will never forget!

I moved to Canada when I was 19 years old and continued dancing here as well.  I have danced ballet, jazz, salsa, contemporary and now I compete in ballroom/Latin dance.  Dance brings me inner joy. I feel that I can heal people through the energy that my body radiates when I’m moving. I feel free, healthy, as if I were in a different dimension!

Our daughter Kiana is a gifted dancer – I could tell by the way she expressed her body, her posture, her smile, and how clean her dancing was from such a young age. Her teachers in ballet and contemporary dance told me she that she exceeded expectations and that she is way ahead of her age group, which it makes us very proud and happy!  My children can see how hard I work for my competitions, and how successful the results are.  I think this is very inspiring and motivating for both of them. Kiana seems to be following my footsteps, but I know, she is going to be a hundred times better than me, and I’m so excited for her dance journey!

Tell us about your experience with Ballet BC and what you like most about it:
D: Our family loves to come watch your shows.  They are so inspiring in every way.  Last show we saw, we loved it so much that my husband and I went again the next day.

Anything else you’d like to tell us?

D: Congratulations!!! We really appreciate your hard work and enjoy it. And thank you for having us to your studio, it was a wonderful, inspiring experience for Kiana and me.

Kiana, what do you want to be when you grow up?

Kiana: A dance teacher!

Is it fun to go to Ballet BC performances with your Mom? What do you like most about the shows?

K: Yes, they made me want to go dance.

What is your favorite thing about dancing?

K: It is fun, and makes me feel happy.

Quick facts about Ballet BC’s Annual Fundraising Campaign:

Ballet BC’s Annual Fundraising Campaign raises 30% of our operating costs through donors like Kiana (and you!)

We currently have 235 individuals who donate to our campaign each year, along with many, many generous foundations, corporate donors, sponsors and in-kind donors.

Donation amounts range from $20 to $50,000 – every single gift is vital to our success!

Funds raised through our Annual Fundraising Campaign are used to commission new works, pay travel costs for international choreographers, and create the shows you see at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.

To contribute to our Annual Fundraising Campaign, click here! Happy Giving Tuesday!

Kiana Fisher