Justin Davis

Justin Davis currently works at Wells Fargo Canada and is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA). He has been involved in a financial / strategic capacity at many large and small businesses in Canada and the US for well over 12 years. In particular, his extensive experience in conceptualizing, overseeing and delivering on a number of business initiatives, whilst threading both strategy and finance into those initiatives, makes him an asset to any team.
Justin’s love for the arts started at a young age with music that quickly evolved into all forms of artistic expression in his early adult life. From DJ shows, to art shows to running his own radio show on Coop radio 102.7fm, to Young Professional board positions at local organizations (Beaumont Studios, Risk Management Association, Ayden Gallery), his passion for philanthropy and community engagement has evolved over time. Major projects include: Entrepreneur of the Year (EOY), Art of Giving (TOMS Shoes), Brave Art, Martin Aboriginal Educational Initiative, Big Brothers of Vancouver, TEDx Vancouver, Diner En Blanc Vancouver, RMA Cannabis Panel and the RMA & ACG Summer Social.

“Ballet BC is no different than music in terms of its artistic place in the world. Its importance to me on the global stage where it pushes boundaries, challenges status quo and promotes freedom of expression is profound. As art imitates life, so too does the opposite and dance is one of the ultimate expressions of this. I am very excited to be working with such a passionate organization and see the possibilities of inspiring people globally through Ballet BC as endless.”
Justin Davis.