Stream Dance for
Culture Days 2021

Our talented Artists in Residence are sharing excerpts of their work for BC Culture Days! Culture Days is a national celebration that invites the public to experience arts and culture in our own communities. These dance films will be available to watch until October 24 at 11pm.

Rachel Meyer is sharing “do we die,” a duet from her work Mama, do we die when we sleep?

“As we age and change throughout our lives, we undergo an iterative process of defining and redefining our reality. It is a matter of survival, or comfort, or artistry. We seldom notice that any act of definition, however poetic, relies on establishing limitations. The path narrows as we go; our world shrinks, becomes more and more banal. There are less and less surprises. Inspired by her two year old daughter’s question “Do we die when we sleep?”, this work explores the emotion of wonder. Imagination and dream-space infiltrate responsibility and conformity, as some necessary invitation to possibility.”

Watch do we die


Dance//Novella is sharing “The Doll,” an excerpt from their work When the Walls Come Down.

“Dance//Novella has been collaborating with artists from the Deaf community, Chris Dodd (Director of Sound-OFF), Caroline Hébert, Anna-Belle Hébert and Nigel Howard. It is a true fusion of contemporary dance and Deaf Theatre. The piece is danced by Racheal Prince and Brandon Lee Alley and features Caroline Hebert, a passionate Deaf Performing Artist. The storyline is fictional but inspired by real life events that Caroline has shared with us.”

Watch The Doll

Stéphanie Cyr and Josh Martin in do we die by Rachel Meyer.
Brandon Lee Alley and Racheal Prince in The Doll by Dance//Novella.