Dancer Playlist: Scott Fowler

Scotty always has a sweet jam to share in the changeroom. We asked him to curate a playlist of his very favourite musical artists. We know that music is a special escape for Scott and so here is a glimpse of the world through his ears. We were both struck by how seriously Scott took to the task of making this list, we think what he came up with is brilliant. Thank you Scott!!

~C+A Consulting Artists

How would you describe your relationship to music?
As a child I grew up playing and listening to music which had a substantial impact on how I appreciate music today. When I took piano lessons I always preferred playing by ear to reading notes; I learned more by memory of sound than reading written music. There’s something about playing and creating music that has opened a unique way for me to enjoy it.

Is there an album that changed your life?
Wild Belle – “Isles”-
I love every song on this album. It was my sidekick for many solo outdoor adventures and I’d play it on repeat. I fall for Natalie Bergman’s voice and it’s relationship to the rich musical arrangements.

What was your first concert?
Green Day.

What are you favourite places to find new tunes?
Pigeons and Planes, Hillydilly, blahblahblahscience, Pitchfork, nprmusic, Gorilla Vs. Bear, chillsoundgoodmusic

Scott’s Playlist:

1. Back Baby – Jessica Pratt
The chords, the melody, the lyrics, Jessica’s delicate strumming and paper-thin voice—this song takes me to a whole other world. Pratt’s music is perpetually soothing and daydream inducing.

2. Blonde Maze – Summer Rain
I’m comforted by the aura that this song creates. It almost feels like it takes place in a different dimension, how it begins and ends with a warping sound.

3. Nick Catchdubs – Full House (feat. Troy Ave & Heems)
One of my go-to hardcore rap songs.

4. Asaf Avidan & The Mojos – The Labyrinth Song
This song is a beautiful journey. It’s lyrics emit feelings of helplessness and self conflict, capable of isolating me from any overloaded life situation.

5. Foxy Brown – I’ll Be
This track’s up-beat and funky rhythm get me head-nodding and pumped up any day.

6. Flume – Some Minds (feat. Andrew Wyatt)
This is one of the few electronic songs that gives me goosebumps when I listen to it. When the instrumental section comes in, I close my eyes and—with the music pouring through every vein and artery—feel like I’m Flume himself in the outlandish music video.

7. La Roux – Sexotheque
It just might be my personal definition of addicting pop. Light and glimmering, the joyful beat lifts me up up and away.

8. Lady Gaga – LoveGame
A guilty pleasure of mine.

9. The Guess Who – Undun
Thanks to my parents, I grew up listening to The Guess Who. My appreciation for they’re music grew as the years went by, and this tune was one that stayed with me the whole ride.

10.Passion Pit – Little Secrets
This catchy song is capable of killing any earworm. Let this be our little secret.

11. free cake for every creature – all you gotta be when you’re 23
This little song is adorable. Comforting and relaxing.

12. Lorde – Ribs
I’m a fan of Ella and her “Pure Heroine” album, and I think “Ribs” is the most moving song on the album. Her lyrics are simple, meaningful, and brilliantly constructed, and are backed by a fitting musical composition.

13. Towkio – Reflection
Always makes me want to dance.

14. Nick Drake – Place to be
Such warm and mellow vibes in this one, despite its forlorn lyrics. Its calming and soothing, yet maintains a strong rhythm and intention. The whole album is easy listening, consciously or subconsciously.

15. The Internet – Get Away
Addicted to the dirty beat in this, and love the rest of the “Ego Death” Album as well.

16. Sufjan Stevens – Casimir Pulaski Day
A beautifully crafted song by Sufjan, and one that continues to move me every time I listen. It has a seemingly plain and “artless” structure, and the simple lyrics hint at more complex themes. One of my favourite songs of all time.

17. Samuel Barber – Adagio for Strings
Can’t deny the feels I get from Adagio for Strings. I imagine myself being led through someone’s life from beginning to end as the strings rise and fall.

18. Alina Baraz & Galimatias Pretty Thoughts
I love the Entire “Urban Flora” EP, but “Pretty Thoughts” stands out the most for me. The chord progression of the tranquilizing synth and faint sound of singing birds melts in my ears, and Alina’s voice is divine.

19. Bloc Party – This Modern Love
I love Bloc Party’s sound, especially in their “Silent Alarm” album. I enjoy how the phrasing of the lyrics, guitar licks and melodies, and the clean detailed acoustics are integrated in this track.

20. Azealia Banks – Miss Amor
I pump this one and let the beat take me on a fierce ride. Power walk material.

21. David Bowie – Space Oddity
I’m a sucker for this classic. The playful use of stereophonic sound throughout really enhances the song’s intricacy.

22. Elisa Ambrogio – Superstitious
The smooth and persistent drone underneath Elisa’s delicate voice relaxes me.

23. GZA – Shadowboxin’
Kind of a representation of my appreciation for 90’s hip hop. I like a dose of Wu-Tang once in a while, and I love the flow in this song.

24. Bibio – Lovers Carvings
The glass is half full when I play this song. Its warm and fuzzy guitar sound puts me in a worry-free, optimistic mood.

25. Fiona Apple – Hot Knife
A unique song that begins minimally and builds into a blend of vocal rhythms and melodies. I just love the line “He makes my heart a cinemascope screen showing the dancing bird of paradise”.

~Scott Fowler