'FOR EVER' Dress Rehearsal Livestream Recording

Chamber | Medhi Walerski

One of Walerski’s most acclaimed works to date, Chamber is a visually rich echo of what Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring provokes in the choreographer’s imagination. Danced by a large ensemble to a stunning score by Joby Talbot, the work is a primal, ritualistic piece which seeks to balance order and chaos—ultimately underlining the duality between the collective and the individual nature of humankind.

SWAY | Medhi Walerski

Inspired by Emily Dickinson’s 1862 poem ‘“Hope” is the thing with feathers,’ and set to a gorgeous composition by frequent collaborator Adrien Cronet, SWAY invokes the lyrical movement language Walerski has become known for. Fluid, harmonic transitions between duets and the group create timeless moments just as fleeting as the hope described by the poet. An ode to movement and its ability to communicate without words.

Pieces of Tomorrow | Medhi Walerski

Walerski continues his meaningful contributions to the company and the world of dance with a brand new addition to Ballet BC’s repertoire. This marks his sixth creation for Ballet BC, following work such as Petite CérémoniePrelude, and notably, Romeo and Juliet, which have captivated audiences in Vancouver and around the globe. Closing the 23/24 season, this eagerly anticipated new work is not to be missed.

The livestream for FOR EVER is no longer available. To access the livestream for our 2024/25 season opener, please contact outreach@balletbc.com.


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