Contact Information

General Contacts

info (at)

Ballet BC Studio Address
677 Davie Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 2G6 Canada

Ballet BC Administration & Mailing Address
601 Smithe Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 5G1 Canada
phone: 604.732.5003
fax: 604.732.4417

Ballet BC performs in Vancouver at:
Queen Elizabeth Theatre
630 Hamilton Street
Vancouver, BC

Buy Tickets
By phone: 1.855.985.ARTS (2787)


Team Contacts

Artistic Director
Emily Molnar
604.732.5003 ext. 204

Artistic Assistant
Rebecca Karpus
604.732.5003 ext. 213
artisticassistant (at)

Audience Services
Ticket Information
Fran Hefferman
604.732.5003 ext. 208
audienceservices (at)

Marketing Manager
Adrienne Toye
604.732.5003 ext. 212
marketing (at)

Marketing & Development Assistant
Clara Chow
604.732.5003 ext. 215
marketing2 (at)

Media Relations
Sharla Farrell, Milk Creative Communications
sharla (at)

Education and Outreach Administrator
Nina Patel
education-outreach (at)

Executive Director
John Clark
604.732.5003 ext. 201
executivedirector (at)

Director of Finance
Sabine Rouques
604.732.5003 ext. 202
financedirector (at)

Joanne Reid
accounts (at)

Office and Volunteer Coordinator
Noni Raskin
604.732.5003 ext. 200
officecoord (at)

Associate Director of Foundation and Government Support
Elisabeth Kyle
604.732.5003 ext. 206
grantsmanager (at)

Associate Director of Individual and Corporate Support
604.732.5003 ext. 205
developmentmanager (at)

Development Coordinator
Laura Aliaga
604.732.5003 ext. 203
developmentcoordinator (at)



Production Office

Director of Production and Operations
Derek Mack
604.732.5003 ext. 216
dmack (at)

Production Stage Manager
Kimberly Plough
stagemanager (at)

Technical Director
Elliot Banner
technicaldirector (at)

Head of Wardrobe
Kate Burrows
604.732.5003 ext. 211
wardrobe (at)