Goodbye Dancers

As our 30th anniversary season comes to a close, four of our artists will be leaving the company to start new adventures elsewhere. Here is a little about each of them, what we admire, and where they are headed.

Brett Perry

Brett joined the company last season and quickly became an integral member of our team. He came to us from Boise, Idaho where he was working for Trey McIntyre Project. His experience working in the field was evident from the moment he joined the company. He is truly a professional. Brett is sensitive yet explosive and unbelievably co-ordinated in his body. He has a vibrant and colourful personality with a wonderful sense of humour. Talking with Brett you are always guaranteed a smile.

The next year brings many opportunities for Brett. He will be freelancing with choreographers such as Lar Lubovich, Adam Weinert, and Lauren Edson. From his home base in Boise, Idaho he plans to work outside of dance at Meadowlark Farms, with Treefort Music festival, and will spend a lot more time in the mountains because to quote Brett “Nature is calling me and I need to be there.”

It has been a pleasure to watch him perform this season and he will be missed.

Tara Williamson

After dancing all over Canada, Tara came back home to Vancouver to spend the last few years of her career dancing with Ballet BC. And we are so glad she did. Tara is a gracious woman and a passionate artist. She is quick to lend a hand, slow to judge, and never gives up. Her generous spirit and strength will missed both in the studio and on stage. Whatever she pours herself into next will be worth being part of, even if just to spend time with her. Tara’s kindness is boundless and touches everyone around her.

After our final shows on tour this season Tara will be moving back to Calgary to be with her husband, who lives there now. She will continue to teach ballet in Calgary, and also has plans to start her own business.

Zoe Michalik

Zoe joined the company two seasons ago and has not stopped blowing us away ever since. Her boundless talent and sense of artistry are incredible. She can make any step look bafflingly effortless and yet unbelievably complex. She is truly mesmerising. Zoe is a determined worker and finds joy in everything she works on, which is infectious in the studio. Her curiosity about the world around her fuels Zoe, and inspires us. There are endless possibilities for this dancer, and that makes whatever comes next for her so exciting. She is looking forward to starting the new chapter in her life, and we wish her the absolute best.

Albert Galindo

Since arriving in Vancouver three years ago Albert has slowly been letting us in. We love the the person we have come to know. He lives with his heart on his sleeve, feeling everything deeply and caring very much for the work he does and the people around him. Albert is a captivating artist and mesmerising mover that we could watch forever. He is unbelievably committed to his craft and we have no doubt his work will leave a mark on the world of dance. It most certainly has left a mark on ours. There will be a hole left behind when he leaves us, also in the lost and found which will be a little bit less full. Albert will be going back to Europe after five years of his “North-American trip” taking with him all that he has learned here. He is looking forward to reconnecting with his family and friends in Spain, and will continue the search for what he wants out of life.

Join us at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre this weekend for Program 3, and see each of these special dancers in their final performances with Ballet BC. Come celebrate with us!

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