Hon. Hedy Fry in the House of Commons

On June 16, 2016, Hon. Hedy Fry brought Ballet BC to the attention of those in the House of Commons:

Mr. Speaker, I stand in the House to brazenly boast about a dance company in my riding of Vancouver Centre.

Ballet BC ranks among the top three companies in North America, just ending tours in England and New York to rave reviews. Ballet BC is a progressive company that pushes the limits of classical ballet to new and dazzling heights. Experimental and daring, it challenges the human body to extraordinary feats of endurance and interpretation through dance.

What is remarkable about Ballet BC is the exclusive partnerships it has with talented Canadian choreographers across the country. I recently witnessed these partnerships in action, as Ballet BC performed three dynamic and progressive pieces at Ottawa’s NAC during Canada Dance Fest, one with in-house choreographer Emily Molnar, and the other two with choreographers from other provincial ballets. Each piece received sustained standing ovations.

Ballet BC has put Canadian dance on the map, and in their tours are stellar ambassadors for Canada’s creative sector.