Press: Navigating a World of Intimacy

Ballet BC company artist and Artistic Director Medhi Walerski were interviewed by The Dance Current for its Summer 2023 feature, “Navigating a World of Intimacy.”



“The act of engaging an intimacy professional can itself be understood as a gesture of support. Weeks before the Ballet BC dancers started development work with the choreographers, Walerski told the company an intimacy professional would be hired and available to them. For Garcia, it was clear the organization was “aware that the subject matter … could bring a very vulnerable space into our workplace. That is a really beautiful and also very precious thing.” He describes the artistic benefit of being given time to process the subject matter in advance and the reassurance that the most senior levels of the organization were offering the protection of an intimacy professional. “And knowing that if something did get brought up, or if there was a circumstance where someone was uncomfortable, that there was an immediate resource that we had.”


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