Welcome to the Dress Rehearsal of What If

Welcome to the Dress Rehearsal of What If

The livestream will be available on Thursday May 12, 2022 starting at 1:30pm. If you have not already registered and received a password for the event, please email .


What If

Ballet BC closes the season with an evening of world premieres from new voices to the company. Felix Landerer will explore the very human need for positivity and optimism in a world of chaos, while Out Innerspace will contemplate the ideas of creation and destruction, searching for connection between supposed opposites. The first recipient of the Emily Molnar Emerging Choreographer Award, Dorotea Saykaly, will premiere a new work examining image-making through a sci-fi lens.

Strange Attractor | Out Innerspace

Vancouver company Out Innerspace, led by Artistic Directors David Raymond and Tiffany Tregarthen, seeks to challenge preconceptions and expectations in contemporary dance. Strange Attractor explores polarities, navigating the thresholds between problems and solutions, surviving and thriving, cause and effect, cosmic and ordinary, while contemplating the potential of unfulfilled desire.

RELIC | Dorotea Saykaly

Canadian dancer, choreographer and inaugural recipient of the Emily Molnar Emerging Choreographer Award, Dorotea Saykaly is known for her passionate integration of rigorous physicality with the theatrical. RELIC* looks at creation through a scientific lens, employing a sci-fi renaissance approach to storytelling and image-making.

Everything will be ok | Felix Landerer

Everything will be ok is a phrase that has lost its credibility over the last few years, and yet it is still the one we wish to hear the most. Everything will be ok is based on our deeply embedded need for optimism and a positive perspective on the future. German choreographer Felix Landerer’s latest piece places these needs in contrast to the seemingly overwhelming sensations of chaos, disaster and the increasing lack of trust in the narrative of a happily ever after.


*Please note that the costumes in RELIC are constructed of a sheer material on the top that may result in partial nudity. It is common in dance to expose the body in support of the artistic vision.

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Ballet BC would like to thank the Diamond Foundation whose generous support has helped to live stream this dress rehearsal to students across the province.

Ballet BC would also like to thank the R&J Stern Family Foundation for their support of Ballet BC’s Outreach and Education Program.

Ballet BC acknowledges the financial assistance of the Province of British Columbia for Ballet BC’s Outreach and Education Program.