Dancer Playlist: Emily Chessa

Dance and music are very closely related. One cannot really exist without the other. In silence there is a type of musicality, and in stillness a bit of dance. We’ve asked some of the dancers from Ballet BC about their personal relationship to music and to curate a playlist that they feel describes their musical tastes. From the songs they play when they want to party to the songs they listen to when they want to be alone. Emily is always playing incredible music from her library in the studio, so we thought she would be the perfect person to kick off this playlist post.

~C+A Consulting Artists

What is your relationship to music in your life?
I listen to music probably every chance I get. When I wake up, on transit, shopping and before bed. It’s even on all the time in my room in the background. Music is my best friend.

What album changed your life?
“The Year of Hibernation” by Youth Lagoon. I discovered this album just over a year ago and I haven’t stopped listening to it. Almost every song on the album takes me away to places of infinite possibility! It’s a great escape.

Favourite album?
Alina Baraz & Galamantis- Urban Flora- EP. Every song is fantastic.

First concert you ever went to?
Boys Like Girls…

Emily’s Playlist:

1. 17- Youth Lagoon
A favourite! This song makes me feel like I could do anything! I always day-dream to it and it relaxes me. It also pumps me up in a subtle way.

2. All the Wine- The National
One of my favourite songs! It makes me want to go on adventures and be reckless! Love the opening line “I’m put together beautifully”.

3. Gold In the Air- Jesse Woods
I’m a fan of singer-songwriters and love Jesse’s voice. If I had a song I’d play in the background at all times; it would be this one. Happy vibes.

4. Pools- Glass Animals
One of my favourite bands! I love the psychedelic vibes and their lyrics: “we sip the wind through lips of lust and out it comes, warm wisps of love”.

5. Here Comes your Man- The Pixies
I can’t help but sing along to this song every time I listen to it. Classic!

6. Senile- Tyga
Makes me feel so hardcore! The beat is dirty and gets me pumped before a show…or just walking down the street.

7. Bitch Better Have My Money- Rihanna
Gets me pumped!

8. Jealous feat. Tinashe- Nick Jonas
My guilty pleasure song.

9. OctaHate- Ryn Weaver
Another guilty pleasure. Gotta love pop music.

10. Come on Eileen- Dexys Midnight Runners
If I had a theme song it would be this! It makes me so happy and I can’t help but move my feet to it. This is my ‘dance alone in my underwear’ song.

11. Beast of Burden- The Rolling Stones
A classic! One of my favourite “love” songs.

12. Asleep- The Smiths
When I’m sad I listen to this song, but it also calms me down when I need to just relax.

13. Billie Jean- Michael Jackson
Grew up jamming to this. His music is the reason I love to dance. Who doesn’t love a good moonwalk?

14. Try a Little Tenderness- Otis Redding
A great oldie. Love this era of music. It also plays in a favourite scene of mine in the movie Pretty in Pink.

15. A Girl Like You- Edwyn Collins
This song is so groovy and I always play it when I’m getting ready to go out!

16. Party Favours- Tinashe
A newbie, love the slow R’nB vibes.

17. Young and Free- Sucre
Recently discovered, this song is like an anthem! Takes me back 5 years and makes me feel “young and free”!

18. Five Senses- Violents
Discovered Violents and LOVE HER! The strings in the song just hit me right in the heart and her voice is beautiful!

19. No Stranger- Small Black
The airy synth beats are soothing and mesmerizing.

20. Let Me Take You Out- Class Actress
This song in particular makes everything seem adorable for some reason! I want to dance around to it all the time! I also love the 80s vibe.

~Emily Chessa

Ballet BC Dancer Emily Chessa. Photo by Christoph von Riedemann.