2024 MOVE Progressive Series

Ballet - Beginner

This 12-week Beginner Ballet series is suitable for any students entirely new to dance or those with limited dance experience who need a refresher on the basics. Students will learn the basic ballet terminology and positions and build a technical foundation through simple barre and centre exercises. Classes will begin with a warm-up and exercises at the barre, and finish with centre work.

Mondays 6-7:30pm, Jan 8 – Mar 25 | with Kaylin Sturtevant
$250 + GST

Winter 2024 session SOLD OUT


Ballet - Intermediate

This 12-week Intermediate Ballet series is suitable for students who have previously taken Ballet BC’s adult ballet series, other beginner ballet classes, or those who studied ballet in their youth. Students will build an understanding of the foundations of ballet and explore more complex combinations and musicality. Classes will begin with a warm-up and exercises at the barre and finish with centre work.

Wednesdays 6-7:30pm, Jan 10 – Mar 27 | with Kiera Hill
$250 + GST

Contemporary - Beginner

This 12-week Beginner Contemporary series explores movement and technique borrowed from many styles of dance. Beginner Contemporary is suitable for students who have never taken a contemporary or modern class. Students can expect to explore body and spatial awareness, musicality, momentum, and alignment through free and dynamic movement. Classes will begin with a warm-up and lead to centre and floor exercises.

Tuesdays 6-7:30pm, Jan 9 – Mar 26 | with Michael Garcia
$250 + GST

Contemporary - Intermediate

This 12-week Intermediate Contemporary series will incorporate more complex movement phrases and provide students the opportunity to explore their own movement style. This class is suitable for students that have previously taken beginner or intermediate level classes in contemporary or modern dance. Students can also expect to cover the fundamentals of floor work and improvisation. Classes will begin with a warm-up and lead to centre and floor exercises.

Wednesdays 6-7:30pm, Jan 10 – Mar 27 | with Sarah Pippin
$250 + GST

Pilates Mat

This 12-week pilates matwork class will introduce and explore a series of floor exercises to enhance strength, coordination, balance, and injury prevention. With a universal focus on core activation and proper alignment, these sessions will engage various muscle groups throughout the body and apply them to a healthier way of moving in everyday life. A consistent practice can develop increased body awareness, elongation, and improved posture. Pilates is for all ages and skill levels, as modifications can be made throughout the class to support individual goals.

Saturdays 9-10am, Jan 13 – Mar 30 | with Kaylin Sturtevant
$250 + GST

Deep Sleep Yoga

Suffering from insomnia? Waking up and can’t get back to sleep? Daytime fatigue? Join this progressive five-week series to learn transformative practices that can help you to get to sleep fast. Enjoy a deep, restful sleep and wake-up feeling refreshed, ready for a great day.

Mondays 7:30-8:30pm, Jan 29 – Feb 26 | with Tianne Allan
$112.50 + GST

Creative Immersion - NOW

This 6-week MOVE progressive series offers a thematic exploration of current Ballet BC work through the lens of expressive arts—movement, drawing, writing, and dialogue. The ‘NOW’ series will begin by introducing expressive arts work and progress into sessions inspired by Out Innerspace’s new creation which will have its world premiere at ‘NOW’ in March 2024. 

Open to ages 18-98, participants come together to indulge in the nourishment and adventure of the creative process in a supportive group setting. Expect guided warm-ups, creative and somatic dance instruction, artmaking prompts, personal reflection, sharing, and space for individual interpretation. Creative Immersion may be for you if you want to enrich your existing artistry, cultivate the mind-body connection, or develop the relationship between dance, your own life, and the community. All are welcome.

Tuesdays 4:30-6:00pm, February 6 – March 12 | with Heather Myers
$135 + GST