Get Stuffed! STUFF, and stuff like that.

“The stuff our dancers are made of.”

You have seen them dance, and now you have seen their baby photos and started to look at their music libraries. Now we are taking a look at the things that these incredible dancers bring into the studio every day. Quite literally “the stuff they are made of” or at least the gear that lets them do what they do best.

We asked five of our artists to open their bags for this blog. Here is what we discovered is essential to their everyday, be it a coffee tumbler full of miso soup (Alexis) or a camouflaged roller (Peter). So take a peek at our stuff.

We also had some fun with the word STUFF and made up our own mini- dictionary of stuuuufff.


“Stuffie”– (noun.) A selfie that also features the subject’s belongings ex. “Did you see my new V-neck in the stuffie I just posted?”
“Stuffing” – (verb.) When you borrow someone’s tools for so long they become your own. “I guess I stuffed my socks from Cayetano’s piece… sorry Kate”
“Stuffer” – (noun.) Someone who brings too many things with them every day- things they never use ex. Christoph and Andrew…
“Stuffalite”– (noun.) Someone who’s all about the trend of their stuff. “she’s such a stuffalite”
“Show Stuffer” – (noun.) Someone who has a ridiculous amount of gear around performance time ex. “Kirsten is such a show stuffer. Have you seen her dressing room?”
“Stuffachrome” – (adjective.) Someone who’s stuff is all one colour ex. “Emily arrived in all her stuffachrome gear for rehearsal.”
“Stuffsessed” – (verb.) Someone who is obsessed with their stuff. ex “ Christoph is getting a bit stuffsessed with that new backpack of his.”

~C+A Consulting Artists

“That’s all I need ...and nothing is missing” - Albert Galindo
“All of my necessary things bring me peace throughout the workday” - Rachel Meyer
“I would like to address the knee cushion, aka. Bean” - Racheal Prince
“And all of it fits in that bag- comfortably” - Christoph von Riedemann
“A sudoku a day keeps the doctor away” - Nicole Ward