Meet our 2022/23 Artists in Residence

We are thrilled to announce the Ballet BC Artists in Residence for the 2022/23 season, Margaret Grenier and Starr Muranko.

BC-based Indigenous dance artists and choreographers, Margaret and Starr have collaborated with Ballet BC over the past two seasons as part of the company’s Choreographic Lab. We are grateful for the opportunity to explore this partnership further through the sharing of space, ideas, and movement.

Ballet BC’s Artist in Residence program creates ands nurtures an environment where a collaborative and mutually beneficial relationship between the company and community artists can develop, fostering an exchange of dialogue, practice, and creative expression. The presence and expertise of the Artists in Residence is incredibly meaningful to the company and its mission as it seeks to better understand the future of dance and the role of the artist in society today.

“I have witnessed and experienced an immense shift in the world of dance as a result of our collective responsibilities to create space for our Indigenous dance practices,” says Margaret. “I look forward to deepening our relationship with Ballet BC through the Artists in Residence program. It is my hope that every opportunity to share opens new possibilities and breathes strength into one another and our arts.”

“I am looking forward to continuing our partnership with the dancers and staff at Ballet BC and discovering new ways of listening, sharing and moving together in this world,” says Starr. “I feel hopeful for the future when I look to moments such as this where true and meaningful collaborations are built on values of respect, generosity, and a commitment to growing together.”

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Margaret Grenier

Starr Muranko

Margaret Grenier. Image by Ana Pedrero
Starr Muranko. Image by Melanie Orr Photography