Casa Om Presents:
“The Dance Deck Quatre” &
“The Dance Deck Cinq”

Season three of The Dance Deck  continues this summer! Once again, Sylvain Senez and Ballet BC dancer Alexis Fletcher are hosting two weekends of shows at their beautiful home, “Casa Om”. These August performances will present new creations by local artists in Vancouver, featuring our very own Peter Smida and Gilbert Small, alongside some amazing artists who have worked closely with Ballet BC. Be a part of bringing to life this wonderful afternoon of dance.

A message from Alexis and Sylvain:

Our house, called “Casa Om,” has always been a place of regeneration and creativity. With this in mind we have created an intimate, outdoor performance space in our backyard where artists will have the chance to share their work at a grassroots level. As presenters we strive to give artists a platform where they have the freedom to experiment and share work that is deeply meaningful to them, and we feel passionate about creating an alternative and unique environment from which to share this art with our community.

This season, we are delighted to announce that we will again present two separate programs. Both exciting and ambitious, and each with a uniquely different line-up of established, professional artists:

Dance Deck Quatre
August 5 and 6, 2017 (4:00pm-6:00pm)

A new creation by Serge Bennathan featuring Gilbert Small and Stéphanie Cyr

Dance Deck Cinq
August 26 and 27, 2017 (4:00pm-6:00pm)

An intimate afternoon concert of live music and dance.
Featuring the works of:

Tom Weinberger featuring David Harvey
Peter Smida
Chengxin Wei
Karissa Barry
Amber Funk Barton
Cristian Markos, cellist


  • $25 tickets or donation tickets sold through Eventbrite.
  • $30 cash-only tickets sold at the door.

Space is limited; we highly encourage you to purchase tickets online!

Our mandate is to have all the proceeds go directly back to the artists involved. We thank you for purchasing tickets in advance and supporting our artists.

Post-show Dinner

There will be an informal dinner reception for audience and performers offered in our house and yard, after the show, where you can purchase a delicious home-cooked meal to further support the artists. We would love to have you stay, meet the artists, and celebrate with us.

Thank you and hope to see you at the shows!

–Alexis and Sylvain


Sylvain Senez with Ballet BC Dancer Alexis Fletcher in preparation for Dance Deck 2017.
Dance Deck Artists Peter Smida and Ria Girard. Photo by Sylvain Senez.
Dance Deck Artist Cristian Markos.
Dance Deck Artists Tom Weinberger and David Harvey. Photo by Sylvain Senez.
Dance Deck Artists Gilbert Small and Stéphanie Cyr, in Serge Bennethan's Dance Tales
Dance Deck 2017 artist Serge Bennathan.