Romeo + Juliet Casting Announcement

In case you missed it, casting has been announced for this season’s production of Romeo + Juliet, choreographed by Medhi Walerski! Ballet BC dancers Emily Chessa and Kirsten Wicklund will reprise their roles as Juliet once again this year, while we welcome two new Romeos this season — Justin Rapaport and Dex van ter Meij!

Cast List

JulietEmily Chessa (March 5, 7), Kirsten Wicklund (March 4, 6)
RomeoJustin Rapaport (March 5, 7), Dex van ter Meij (March 4, 6)
TybaltJordan Lang
MercutioScott Fowler (March 5, 7), Zenon Zubyk (March 4, 6)
BenvolioPatrick Kilbane (March 5, 7), Chase Buntrock (March 4, 6)
Nurse – Alexis Fletcher*
Friar Laurence – Peter Smida*
Mother Capulet – Makaila Wallace*
Father Capulet – Sylvain Senez*

See these amazing dancers take on two of the most iconic roles in Ballet from March 4 – 7, 2020 at 8pm at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. Tickets are going fast — secure yours NOW!

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*Guest Artist

Ballet BC Dancers Emily Chessa, Kirsten Wicklund, Justin Rapaport and Dex van ter Meij. Photos by Michael Slobodian.